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diaries of a waterwoman

About Me

I'm a waterwoman, an ocean girl, passionate about ocean conservation and sustainability. The ocean is my home, it’s where I feel most alive and that's why I love freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving.

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the water. I have been fascinated by the ocean ever since I was a child, travelling around the world and spending as much time as I could near a beach.

By using the power of photography I can nurture a meaningful connection with nature where I feel like I can educate people to support and protect our oceans. 

My goal is to bring awareness to conservation and empower action through art and sustainable living.

Making Waves for Ocean Conservation


beach girl merch

Sustainability - Conservation - Art

Clothing and activewear for all the beach girls and children of the tide who want to bring awareness to ocean conservation and empower action through art.

Life in Shades of Blue is inspired by the sea and made for all ocean people. It's for the sun seekers, the sea lovers and the day dreamers. For everyone with wild hair, salty skin, sun kissed souls who have a  ☼summer state of mind☼ all year round while chasing a never-ending adventure. 

Your Daily Dose of Blue

Join me beneath the waves


People naturally want to protect what they love and the more time I spend in the ocean, the more I fall in love with every aspect of it. It makes me more curious about our connection to the world and motivates me to learn more about the role the ocean plays in our lives. 

Hopefully, this book will help you understand what all the fuss is about and maybe even motivates you to grab a mask and some fins and take a look for yourself. If I haven’t convinced you, the stingrays, the dolphins and the sharks will! 

Gabriella Gerbasi